Long Night

This picture is not from the snow today but a previous one last week. Asher did well overnight all things considered. He didn’t get much rest but that was to be expected. His blood pressures were able to stay where the docs wanted them, his chest tube drainage is slowing down nicely. He has a lot of pain but is managing it really well. His chest X-rays look great. Today is a big day as physical therapy will come by later and have him sitting up and beginning to move around. Hopefully his blood pressures will settle out and he can come off some of those medications. He is having such a positive attitude so far and doing everything that has been asked of him. We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers, encouragement, and the showering of things that apparently keep showing up at our house for not only Asher, but the other kiddos as well. Thank you seems inadequate as there are no words to fully express how grateful we are.

10 thoughts on “Long Night

  1. So happy to hear that things are going as well as possible. Continued prayers that everything stays as positive as it has so far! 🙏❤️

  2. Tears of praises, rejoicing, and continued prayers from here. The hedge of protection and blessings of our awesome God! What a Savior HE IS! Way to rock the surgery and the night, Asher! Keep it up, young man!

  3. Thankful that night one is behind you. Love that picture and praying for that day you are all reunited together as a family. Prayers abounding for Asher as he starts with PT. I’m sure he will quickly become one of their favorite patients with his amazing attitude. May Gods presence just cover all of you down in Philly and back at home.

  4. Just learned of Asher’s surgery. So thankful all went well. God is good. Please keep us posted on his progress.

  5. So thankful things are going well. Sounds like he is quite a trooper!! Praying his pain lessens and his blood pressure goes down. Praying each day gets a little easier and he regains his strength. Way to go Asher for your positive outlook. You’ve got this with the Lord by your side.

  6. Praying for Asher over these next days – that his blood pressures will settle and that PT will go well. We will also be praying for you guys and the rest of the kids.

  7. what a mighty God we serve. just in complete AWE of Asher’s story. we are continuing to pray for Asher, for all of you, for wisdom and clarity for his team – Asher, you are so brave!! we are rooting for you, praying for pain to subside day by day and praying for complete healing. sending so much love, Prays.

  8. So thankful that he’s doing well! May the healing continue! We’re praying for a quick and complete recovery.

  9. Praying that you had God’s best PT and he/she was challenging yet encouraging.

    Praying for a restful sleep and I pray that the chest tube has been removed already!!

    I’m also praying for peace and comfort for the kids &
    parent at home. Oh, and for at least five hours sleep for parent at hospital. Remember your are 10’years older this time!!

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