Thank you all for continuing to check in and ask about Asher. He is doing amazingly well. Hardly requiring pain medication, and doing normal life well. Yesterday he asked me if he could ride his bike, which I said no to, however it is exciting that he feels well enough […]

Home Sweet Home

5 days ago Asher had his fourth open heart surgery, and today he was discharged home!!! We are all thrilled to have everyone home, and healthy. Asher is glad to sleep in his own bed, be home with his siblings, and recover at home. One of his biggest concerns is […]

It was better

Today was a great day. Asher’s last chest tube was removed this morning. Typically kids scream and cry when you pull them but Asher crossed his eyes, and said “Woah, that feels better already”! The team removing it was shocked. He is an amazing patient, and we have had AMAZING […]

Better Days are Coming

Asher had a much better day! A chest tube was removed, he was able to get out of bed to a chair, his pain seemed mostly tolerable and his blood pressures have been mostly stable while beginning to wean off some infusions. The really important things are to maintain his […]

Yesterday was hard

 Last night Asher told me “today was hard”. He was very correct. His blood pressures were sky high, he was having a lot of pain, he was throwing up and had an allergic reaction to a medication. Last night was much better as his pressures stabilized, he stopped throwing up, […]

Long Night

This picture is not from the snow today but a previous one last week. Asher did well overnight all things considered. He didn’t get much rest but that was to be expected. His blood pressures were able to stay where the docs wanted them, his chest tube drainage is slowing down […]

This is a Big One

Asher just went back for surgery. It will take well into the afternoon. As the medical team here keeps telling us, this is a big one. It’s not a small simple surgery, it’s a major one. We are fully aware of this but when other people say it, somehow it […]

Here We Go Again

Well we had an awesome run of about 10 years with no cardiac surgeries or interventions needed for Asher. He is an amazing, 12 year old boy who has had to overcome so much already. Tomorrow Asher will have his fourth open heart surgery to replace a portion of his aorta […]