Thank you all for continuing to check in and ask about Asher. He is doing amazingly well. Hardly requiring pain medication, and doing normal life well. Yesterday he asked me if he could ride his bike, which I said no to, however it is exciting that he feels well enough to want to! Tomorrow is his first follow up appointment, and we expect it all to go smoothly, but you never know. We want to thank everyone for the prayers, the encouragement, the cards, gifts, meals, etc. It has truly been so amazing to have a strong community supporting all of us in this. Asher has more weeks of recovery to come but this first one after coming home from the hospital was a really sweet time for our family or learning how to put our selfish desires aside and serving others. Judah’s been putting away his own clothes, Noa has been sharing her birthday week with the excitement of Asher being home, and Hannah has been taking on double chores to help out. It’s been amazing to be home with everyone together under the same roof.

Please continue to pray for Asher and that we, as a family, would glorify God in all we do.

5 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Love this update! So glad Asher is doing well. Sounds like all the kids are proving what I already knew – the Pray family is so very special! God bless all of you! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. So glad to see and hear Asher is healing well. He has been our prayer chain at church— lots of prayers going up for him.
    Oops! I forgot Noa’s birthday. So sorry ,what date was it? Happy belated birthday 🎂.
    Please keep in touch.

  3. Praise the Lord Asher is doing so well!! And everyone is pitching in to help around the house. What a fantastic life lesson. One we can all learn from. We will keep on praying. We love you. Great Uncle Pete and Great Aunt Helen Jane.

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