This is a Big One

Asher just went back for surgery. It will take well into the afternoon. As the medical team here keeps telling us, this is a big one. It’s not a small simple surgery, it’s a major one. We are fully aware of this but when other people say it, somehow it sinks in more. We will update again after surgery is over and we are settled in a room. Keep all the prayers and encouragement coming.

10 thoughts on “This is a Big One

  1. Praying. Asking God to steady the hands that work on Asher, and calm the hearts of those who wait for him.

    Heavenly Father, thank you for the Pray family. Thank you for their faithfulness as they continue to serve you. Lord, they love you in a bold way! I ask that you wrap them in your peace today. Father, you are the great physician, you know Asher more intimately then any doctor could, I pray for a full restoration of his heart, Lord. You are a good, good father and we are so thankful for your presents in the hospital room today.


  2. Praying for you all and everyone serving precious Asher. May the surgeon’s hands be used by God to bring healing to Asher’s heart.
    We are with you in prayer and Spirit.
    In Jesus’ name

  3. Saying prayers steadily for Asher today. Praying Jesus will steady and guide the doctor’s hands and be clearly present with each of you as you wait. Praying for His miraculous healing hands on Asher.

  4. This may not be a small and simple surgery but Asher is a tough kid and he will show this surgery who is big and strong and can overcome life’s obstacles. I know it’s going to be.a long day waiting for the surgery to be completed – I will continue to pray for Asher and await the next update. Hang in there!

  5. I know this is going to be a long day. And it must be scary to hear them say that this surgery isn’t small or simple. But Asher is a strong kid and this surgery maybe a big one but Asher is able to overcome this obstacle no matter how big.
    I will continue praying and will be waiting for the next update. Hang in there!!

  6. Praying for Asher and all the special people surrounding him.
    We pray he can feel the STRONG ARMS HOLDING HIM🙏
    Daily Prayers for
    Strength & Healing 💕

  7. Please remember you are not alone! May you feel Gods presence as you are covered in prayers and Gods love and peace that passes understanding. ❤️

  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today💕💕. Stay strong. God is in control and loves you all beyond compare.

  9. Continuing to pray for Asher. May our Lord surround all of you with His healing touch, strength, and peace in the days and weeks to come. We love you guys!

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