It was better

Today was a great day. Asher’s last chest tube was removed this morning. Typically kids scream and cry when you pull them but Asher crossed his eyes, and said “Woah, that feels better already”! The team removing it was shocked. He is an amazing patient, and we have had AMAZING nurses, doctors, and medical team. They have loved having Asher as a patient as well. He was chatting with his sweet nurse today and telling her about cars he likes, and asking her about her new vacuum!!! How cute is that! He then was able to have his arterial line and central line removed as his blood pressures have been stable for over 24 hours, and he is taking all of his medication orally. He got out of bed and brushed his teeth, went for a walk down the hall, was transferred to the step down unit, and has been up and out of bed multiple times already, ALL BY HIMSELF. He wanted to sit in a chair to eat, and went for another walk around the step down unit. We need his x-rays to stay clear enough (they’re never fully clear soon after this type of surgery), him to be able to eat a little more, and to maintain stable blood pressures, and get rid of more extra fluid. He is in very good spirits this evening. He asked one of the doctors if he would be able to be home for his sisters birthday on Thursday, and they thought it was VERY likely and probably even sooner! He is focused on the end goal…HOME!

22 thoughts on “It was better

  1. Asher, you are one amazing young man. Close your eyes and feel our hugs, we are so proud of you and love you more than we can say. Keep up the good work. 😘 Gramps and Granny

  2. This post made me so happy!! Asher is such a strong brave kid!!! He should be very proud of himself. I am so impressed! I wish I could be as brave as him when things are tough. Keep up the good work Asher!! You’ll be home soon!

  3. Asher you are a trooper. It’s good to have goals. I have no doubt you’ll be home very soon if you keep up all your hard work!

  4. What an amazing young man you are Asher! Way to stay strong and goal on! Prayers as you continue to heal and gain strength and for your home going for Birthday cake!

  5. I well up reading this update!! I can’t imagine how you all must be feeling! You have an incredible son!! Asher, we are all so proud of you and so grateful the Lord is providing all you need!!
    Continuing to keep you in my prayers!!
    We have an AMAZING GOD!!
    Love you all!!

  6. So glad to hear Asher is doing so well and has such a great attitude. You should both be proud and take some credit for raising a great kid and setting such good examples for him.

  7. What a fighter!!! We are so happy to hear good news!!! Praying things keep going well and home is right around the corner!

  8. That is such good news!
    We are so impressed at how strong you are. We are Praying for you.🙏
    Thanks for the update 🌺

  9. Thanks for keeping us updated on his progress. Jonathan asks about updates ‘a few’ times per day (tough to imagine I know) we will continue to pray for all of you daily💛

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